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"Freshy" theme menu appearance off?

  1. Hi y'all,

    The menu of my theme looks a little off to me and has all day. The black bar in the middle, where there actually are no menus, looks slightly out of place, and there's an odd teeny tiny black line underneath the "About This," "About Me," and "Contact Me" menu items. The line appears at the far right end, too.

    This happened once before that I can remember and it eventually resolved itself. Is there anything I can do to speed the process along, and does anyone know if I'm doing something to cause this?

    I'll add that, yes, I realize this looks like nothing much is messed up at all, but for a little OCD person like myself, I notice everything... It's a curse. ;)

    Thank you for the help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All browsers do not diplay web pages (blogs) in the same way. I'm viewing your blog using a Firefox 3.6.6 browser and cannot see anything at all like you describe above. In my browser your theme displaying correctly.

    Please try this > log out of > force clear your browser and cookies > log into again
    Instructions here >
    If that does not clear up the problem then note that you can how your blog displays in other browsers free of charge here >

  3. Thank you for the help! I should have guessed it was somehow related to using Internet Explorer. Gah. I'll do what you suggest and see what happens. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  4. If you are using IE6 then please upgrade as Microsoft no longer supports that browser which is widely acknowledged as the most problematic problematic browser that many refer to as "a dog" or worse.

  5. Believe it or not, I am actually using IE8! I just upgraded recently. Nothing shocks me about Microsoft, however. Sigh.

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