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    I am playing with custom css, not bought it yet as I want to ensure I can do what I need.

    I am trying to change the lime green highlight of the navigation bar, but can’t locate the relevant code. Also when it mention images that it references where can I get those images, in case I need to color that different?

    The blog I need help with is



    try adding this to the end of the css code

    .menu li.current_page_item a {
    	background-position:bottom left !important;
    	color:white !important;
    .menu li a.first_menu {
    	background: blue;

    I changed the colors so you can know where the changes occur. As far as the images, I haven’t tried to change any images but I’m assuming it works the same way as adding any other image in CSS. To get the images if you have FireFox you can right click on your blog, goto page info, theres a tab called “media” and you can find some of the images for the menu bar and so on and then click on “save as” and you can edit the images and enter them in the appropriate places within the CSS



    Does this work for you in the freshy theme?

    I tried the above and what it did was Change the background to blue and writing white for the Home Tab, but instead of limiting the change to just the bar it changed the whole rectangle around, plus all the pages remained as it was before. Looks very odd.


    OK I figured it out, it is indeed the images you have to download and change the colors and then upload back to somewhere and then update the calls to those pages, that works.


    You upload the new images to your media library, get the URL’s of those uploaded images and replace the URL’s of the original images in the CSS.



    glad you figured it out cause its too hot where I am to type a long explanation lol


    Thanks for the help, purchased the custom css now and made the changes plu a few more :-)

    Now to figure out how to add 2nd level menu, will start searching the forums.

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