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Freshy theme: Page menus on the top of the blog are messed up

  1. Hello guys.

    I dont know what wordpress team did from yesterday to today, but it suddenly appeared a new top menu on the top of my blog. And now its messing up the rest of my blog, like my about me section is over this new menu and the first topic title of my blog is under it, so i dont have idea how to fix this or even remove this unecessary second menu on my blog, any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. just to check my blog to have some idea of what i am talking about -

  3. The same thing is happening in by blog.
    I don't know what to do about it.

  4. @rehula We already received your report via Support, and will respond as soon as we get it fixed. It's most likely an Internet Explorer bug as it's working as expected in modern browsers.

    @cbspac Your site looks OK in Firefox and Safari. What browser are you using? If you could, please contact Support and attach a screenshot so that we can see what you are seeing. Thanks!

  5. I use internet explorer. I don't know how to attached a screenshot...

  6. @cbspac OK, no problem. Next step: please fill out the Support contact form:

    It shows us your browser information and other useful info. Once you send in the contact, we'll have your details.

    (FYI: How to make a screenshot:

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