Freshy’s Moving Date in IE7 & Widths?

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    Question #1:
    I’ve tested and had others test this in FireFox, Safari, and IE6 and can’t repro it; so can anyone else verify:

    the blog is

    When you first hit it, the date appears to be squashed up against the text on the left side. No amount of padding seems to fix this. If you hover over the hyperlink that takes you to the post–it moves over to it’s proper position. I’m quite boggled. *sigh*

    Question #2:
    Is there anyway to increase the WIDTH of the entire page. The Freshy theme does not appear to set the body,html {width} in the CSS, but relies on an imported layout.css. I’ve tried overriding it with !important to no avail. I realize some things might break (and LOTS of things break when I don’t include that layout file), but I need to make the blog a bit wider for the coding and images that are posted… any ideas? I’m also open to suggestions on how others have been putting source code on their blogs (for demo, etc).

    Thanks in advance all!


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