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Friend lost his password AND can't remember e-mail

  1. My friend lost his password and cannot remember which e-mail address he used to retrieve the password. He's sure he could login to his email for password recovery if he knew how to find the email address he used to register, is there any possible way to do this or is his account locked away forever?

  2. if your friend is so careless as to forget his login password and the email from which he registered he should just register for a new blog/account. less hassle.

  3. He has pictures on his blog that he wants to take down as well as some other text.

  4. How many email accounts does he have that he uses on a regular basis? He will need to search each one until he finds it. I would recommend to him that he keep some sort of reference list for when he signs up on sites so he can look to see what ID he used.

  5. Try to send a feedback to wordpress and inform them of the url's blog or the log-in name and ask whether they can still track it. I have the feeling it's retrievable.

  6. The problem is he has like 15 e-mail accounts and he has logged into all the ones he remembers and still can't figure out which one the password reset e-mail is being sent to.

  7. This seems like less of a wordpress support issue and more a job for a professional organizer ;-) Tell your friend to contact support on Monday, and maybe they will be able to help as knoizki suggested.

  8. While he/she might have 15 email addresses, I doubt that all 15 are used on If they try and put in an email address that isn't used on an account, it will tell you that email address doesn't exist on the system. Pretty simple to narrow it down. Other than that, only Staff would have the answer, which requires an email to them with the username and all 15 email addresses......


  9. Needs to send an email in via feedback. This is a backend issue that we're not doing to be able to solve via the forums.

    You may want to suggest to your friend sticking with one email address and using pluses to sort where he or she is passing out his or her address:

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