Friend started a blog, invited me, I keep develop

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    Hello wordpress people,

    Here is my story:

    We were 3 friends, Rolands(I), Alex, Oskar. I got an idea about making roller/ inline/ slalom/ freeskate team (because we were good at that). My friend registered and started a blog in
    He was trying to develop blog by himself, but I was on my way to help him and start develop by myself. I registered, my friend made gave me ”Admin” status on our blog. Then I started posting news, popularise our blog (at the moment 4000 views, ~50 views each day), making videos, taking photos and writing stories. Anything goes really good and new video is on the way!

    But here I got the questions which I just can’t figure out:

    1. I want to advance our blog, make it interesting and add some plugins (I found very useful for our blog). How can I install plugins if our blog is ”on air”, he is not on my computer, but in all plugin readmes says, that plugin should be installed in wp-content/plugins/ and so on, I just can’t understand how.

    2. At the moment our blog contains which in closest future we want to drop off and leave clear blog name –
    If I will manage and buy domain name what should I do next to keep things clear and don’t lose our blog popularity in google search engine (typing: roboos)?

    3. What about overall page design? I really would like to customize the look of our web page, change positions of menu options etc.

    Roboos Media, inline team

    Rolands S.


    The blog I need help with is


    1. Plugins are not allowed at wordpress.COM. They are for self-hosted blog only: .

    2. If you use the domain mapping to map to the wordpress.COM blog, all links in the search engines to the wordpress.COM blog URL will automatically redirect to the new blog URL.

    3. What is available here is the paid CSS upgrade. Do note that CSS allows you to stylize the blog themes here, but it does not allow you to add functionality. There are limits to what you can do with CSS. Also, you need to have CSS editing experience before buying the upgrade since there is no official support for it.



    Okay, thank you for your reply.

    As I understand, we should go for But what’s then? We need a place where to host. Yes?

    But if I would like to go over for .org, then I need to get out of all our blog data to my PC. And then migrate to .org? What problems can be? Does page view amount will not disappear, will not disappear all blog stats, comments and pictures?


    Yes you will need a domain name and to hire web host and you will need to install the worpdress.ORG software and configure it. You will need to do all updates, all back ups, all installations, and all troubleshooting. Figure a overall average cost of between $10 and $25 per month.

    Any search engine ranking you now have will be lost. Any stats you have built up will be lost.

    You will have to export your content from here and import it into the new blog at the new host. Posts, pages, comments will come over and you will be given the choice of importing images as well during the process.



    Sorry for a late reply.

    Thanks for explaining. Now I got a better knowledge about moving from .com, to .org.

    Sad thing about all statistic loss, really sad.



    Sorry for double post, but I forgot to ask one thing.

    If I will move my blog from .com, to .org step by step, will be comments, tags, categories moved also, or it will be lost?



    They will be kept.



    Oh, you do need to know that although the tags and categories will work for your blog, they won’t connect to the global tag pages any longer. That’s only for blogs.



    Ou, okay, thank you! But is it really impossible to move Statistic data from .com, to new .org page? I mean view counter etc.

    What do you think about this web page hosting service for hosting my web page:
    (Free Hosting)



    Even if you use the WPStats plugin, I don’t think you can port your current COM stats.
    (Just an educated guess)

    About 000webhost, better to search the support forums and at least a couple of webmaster forums.




    Guys, I got an excellent deal!

    I contacted my Internet Service Provider about hosting possibilities. I explained everything. And he accepted my request! YAAYKS! He said, that it is totally ok and he can provide FREE high quality hosting on their servers, because I’m client of their service pretty long time etc. He said that I should come some day to their office and talk about that, so they will be able to give me 24/7 host!

    I’m really, really happy. What do you think about that offer? Is it okay? Or maybe there can be some underwater rocks?

    What are the requirements which I should say them?

    I will be really thankful about answers on my quistions.



    You need to inquire about requirements for wordpress.ORG software over at wordpress.ORG. This link shows the requirements: .

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