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FriendFeed comments plugin

  1. I'm aware that in general, plugins are not available at However, I'd like to suggest a plugin that I and others would find very valuable.

    My blog posts are aggregated at FriendFeed (for example Most people prefer to comment there rather than at the original post and I get a lot of feedback. It would be nice to see that feedback at the original blog post.

    An excellent plugin exists for this purpose:

    I think many users of WP and FriendFeed would be very happy to see it made available.

  2. You can put Friendfeed in an RSS widget.

  3. raincoaster, this plugin is not the same as the RSS widget - it has completely different functionality. Please go and read about what it provides.

  4. No, I don't decide what plugins happen here, so I'm not going to read it. If enough people request it, staff will consider it, but a lot of things get suggested that don't happen, PARTICULARLY things that encourage reactions to blog to happen away from

  5. Yes, I'm aware that few suggestions are taken up, for the reason you suggest. But you are not exactly helping my request for consideration with your ignorance and attitude, are you?

  6. Dude/Chick/Sweetheart, nothing I have to say on the matter will influence staff's decision in the slightest. I've given you good information that you should keep in mind when you DO approach staff if you want this approved. If you'd prefer to namecall me rather than learn, you certainly have that option. And you are welcome to see where it gets you.

  7. OK, let me try that again.

    I appreciate your advice.

    I appreciate that you have no influence on plugin availability.

    However, I hope you can see that you are weakening my case for the plugin to be considered by claiming that the functionality exists, when it does not. And then you refuse to check the facts that would support my request on some pretext that you're not in charge.

    I remain hopeful that something constructive will be added to this discussion.

  8. Making your request here in the forums really isn't your best course of action since the bulk of us are volunteers and those of us who have been here for a year or more have seen literally hundreds of requests for plugins, and not a one of them has shown up. This is simply the reality.

    What you want to do is contact support directly and plead your case with them. . Include the links to the plugin and tell them why you want it.

    Good luck.

  9. If I'm in charge I'd better invoice someone.

    Thank you for returning to the discussion. I am willing to take your word for the fact that the plugin and the RSS widget don't function the same, but you'll find that people in the forums expect the case to be presented here, rather than "go see over there." If you can put exactly what the plugin does and what benefits it would confer to bloggers right here, you'll be building your post. Fewer than 10% of readers of a thread ever click through links.

  10. larsjuhljensen

    I'm another FriendFeed user who would really want the functionality of the plugin suggested by nsaunders. And no, its functionality cannot in any way be replicated using the RSS widget - including the RSS feed from FriendFeed in a widget is something entirely different from what the plugin does. The purpose of the plugin is to include FriendFeed comments to a specific post on the WordPress web page with that specific post. Since I get approximately 10 times as many comments on FriendFeed as I do on the blog itself, including the comments from FriendFeed would be a major improvement.

  11. Thanks folks. I'm not really expecting anyone from support here - I was more interested in finding out whether other users would like to see this plugin. However, if clicking through to a link is asking too much, guess I'm wasting my time!

    The support form confuses me as it doesn't seem designed for suggestions, but I'll try there also.

  12. I clicked through the link. It doesn't interest me in the least.

  13. Well, I think you'd only be interested if you used FriendFeed :-)

    On the topic of "taking away" from, I'd argue otherwise. Comments and reaction are always going to happen elsewhere. Really, this plugin brings reaction back to - it demonstrates that people elsewhere are interested in content and indeed, even displays it under the post as though the comment were there in the first place. I'd say it was a win all round.

  14. I second the idea of including comments from FriendFeed. Number of comments is only part of the story (the ratio in my case is similar to the one provided by larsjuhljensen). The other thing is that I've also got comments on the FriendFeed from people who don't read my blog and wouldn't find particular post anyway. But even if they click through to read the original, they go back to leave feedback on FF.

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