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    I’m trying to insert my FriendFeed RSS feed into the RSS widget on my WP sidebar, but it displays the word “Array” for every entry along with a link to the appropriate entry. In Google Reader/iGoogle it displays correctly, and the feed validates fine. What gives? =(


    Well, you’re fortunate than I cuz I get array in google and any other feed I’ve attempted. I believe the reason is because you’re attempting to do a feed of a feed. It’s too many generations removed. I contacted friendfeed about it and they said they’re working on a solution. But maybe we’ll both luck out and someone reading this thread will have come up with a workaround!



    Actually, FriendFeed is not a “feed of a feed”. It uses the APIs available to hook directly into services like Twitter, Pownce, Facebook, digg, etc. – it only uses feeds when you plug a feed into it (such as a blog feed).

    Strange that you get the “array” issue when adding the feed into Google – it works just fine for me. That’s why I was assuming it was a WP issue, and not a FF issue.

    Anyone else have any issues with FriendFeed feeds and WP?


    I mean it’s a feed of a feed once you stick it into WP’s Feed; especially in terms of the RSS feed which is predominantly what I used Friendfeed for. Other than Twitter LOL I don’t know her URL, but I do remember Engtech discussing this matter on her blog called, “Internet Duct Tape.”



    Has anyone looked at this? I’ve looked around and haven’t found anyone else reporting this issue. I’ve even checked loading the feed into GReader and iGoogle again (based on diamondfistwerny’s comments) and they do definitely work there. It’s an issue with how WordPress handles FriendFeed’s RSS feed.

    Anyone? Should I just report this directly to support?



    Yes, report it. If volunteers have the answer, they just go ahead and post it. If nobody posts a solution then you’ll have to contact staff.



    The directly issue that caused the feed widget to break, is the <title>:

    <title type=”xhtml”>
    <div xmlns=””>posted a message on Twitter</div>

    The <div and other formatting junk should not have been inside the <title> </title>



    To see how much formatting fills up a <content>:

    <content type=”xhtml” xml:base=””>
    <div xmlns=””>
    <div style=”font-size:10pt;font-family:Arial,sans-serif;color:#222222″>
    <div style=”margin-bottom:0.6em”>

    <div>“wondering if I should be holding out for Dropbox, and how to reach those guys. thoughts?”</div>

    <div style=”margin-top:1px;color:gray”>Tuesday at 1:56 pm – Comment</div>

    <div style=”margin-left:12px;color:gray”>



    So, drhailin, are you saying that one needs to have the CSS upgrade to do this?



    no, it’s not related to CSS upgrade. Either friendfeed should simplify its formatting or we need to improve our rss widget to handle its complicated formatting.



    Would love to see a fix for this, as it stands the RSS widget make adding FriendFeed a useless option. I even tried this Pipes hack to see if it would help, but only led to the same boring result, a list of notice statements, not the FriendFeed content.


    Yeah, I like friendfeed cuz it’s a lifestream of what one does around the net; beyond one’s blogging.



    The best I could do was to run my FriendFeed feed through Feedburner, then use the feed from Feedburner in the WP RSS widget. This method only shows the FriendFeed titles and not content though (eg *shared an item on Google Reader *dugg two stories on Digg *posted three messages on Twitter etc) so not that flash.

    Yahoo Pipes might also be worth another look… but ideally we shouldn’t need to route via a third party.



    Friendfeed has corrected this issue, and it will now work in an RSS widget.

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