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    A friend of mine has tried to leave several comments which were automatically spammed. I didn’t even get them for moderation. I’m not sure why, and the only thing I can think of is that she has kind of an unusual username and URL which might be throwing WordPress off. I’d like to find a way of automatically okaying her so that I don’t keep having to go rescue her comments. Any suggestions?



    First of all it’s really important that if you find your friend’s comment in the spam folder, that you continue to unspam her to help Akismet learn. FWIW, a longtime commenter on my blog had this happen to her for no reason I could discern.

    Whether or not your friend’s comment appears right away depends on how you have commenting set up in your Discussion settings. If you have comments set up to moderate all comments, then you have to approve every comment.

    There is also a setting where you can choose to moderate someone’s first comment, and then allow them to be unmoderated for all following comments.


    Okay. I have now un-spammed her comments on two different occasions. I have WordPress set to allow unmoderated comments after the first approved one.

    How many times do you think it will take for Akismet to catch on?



    In my friend’s case, it only took one time.

    If it proves to be a constant problem, your friend should contact Akismet directly and check the “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake” button.


    Okay, thank you!


    Spammers are always changing their tactics and the spam filters such as Akismet have to make changes so they can catch them. When that happens it always seems that there are a few innocents that get caught. As @jennifer says, keep un-spamming them and Akismet will learn.

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