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From calculator to camera.

  1. Hi there, I am a new budding photographer and would love some feedback, advice and comments on some of my shots.. have to plug my blog somehow!! And nothing else seems to be working! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok, Zoe. You have a good eye for patterns and that makes your hospital photos interesting. Your weakness seems to be over-reliance upon putting things dead center and 90 degrees to camera, which makes photos less interesting. Look at how much more energy you produce with the edited-composited shot by comparison. The eye is drawn, literally pulled to the right where the walkers are. If you want to expand your repertoire, you need to start experimenting with focal-length and depth-of-field. Tiny hole=everything in focus from near to far, though you may need a tripod because it might require longer exposures. Likewise, wide-angle lenses stretch out and alter perspective but allow greater depth in focus front-to-back, while telephoto lengths will bring background objects close to foreground ones and magnify them (the giant moon over building effect). Also, begin thinking of color as only a matter of choice. There's no "correct" amount or color temperature. Sometimes B+W makes the point best, or sepia, or over-saturated, or solarized, or restricted color palettes. Good luck.

  3. All wonderful tips from invisiblemikey. If I could add something, it would just be to be careful of over-editing and "special effects". Post-editing is wonderful in photography, when done tastefully and not overdone. Your edited shots, in my opinion, are too unnatural, with the super high contrast and the strong vignettes. That is just a personal preference of mine when it comes to photography.

    Keep practicing and learning the ins and outs of your equipment. As long as you keep learning and taking pictures, you'll see the improvement.

  4. Your photography is nice, but I agree that you do put things dead centre a lot. I would say try to keep the rule of thirds in mind when taking photos. It's something that can really help give a stronger impact.

  5. Thank you everyone for you critique! Will definitely take all of it on board.. especially I know that I need to practice on my angles and I havn't put the images up yet but I went a bit mad on angles the other day. And as for over editing, I would say that I dont feel the need to do that to every photo as you're right it isn't needed but I think that as I am a beginner.. I am just learning and photoshop is something I've not used before so I was impressed with the look that I got.

    Wow, I'm just glad I got this many replies as I thought no one was going to give me any feedback! Thanks you all and very much appreciated.

  6. Ya, when I started photography I used photoshop a lot. It's good to use it a lot in the begining to explore all the different things you can do but also to learn when it's needed and when it's not, and how to have subtle effects.
    I understand its very important to get feedback when your starting out, I remember when I was starting out a few years back, getting feedback from people online was one of the biggest helps.

  7. Yeah it really does make you see things from a different outlook talking to people that have been there.. everyone has to start someone so I really enjoy having critique. I've not had my blog for that long though, so I've havn't really had much contact with that many people on here, but I only found this forum thing the other day and though.. worth a shot! I've just uploaded some of my old shots onto flickr and the only thing I've really done to them is adjusted my levels, apart from that I took some advice and left them well alone!! Thanks again guys..

  8. They look good! I noticed this one especially I am assuming that the PS on the filename means that you did some photoshopping on it. If so, excellent job with it. It's hard to critique it when not seeing the original however nothing is too distracting. The editing is subtle but I can still tell that it has enhanced the photo. It looks great :)

  9. Thanks!! I've just uploaded my original onto Flickr.. maybe it was better to leave as it was?! Not really sure, I just always feel that if I don't do 'something' to it.. it won't stand out and just look a bit boring? But thanks again for advice, and let me know what you think??? :D

  10. When I compare the two side by side, the edited does appear a bit dark, however when looking at the new one by itself, I still really like it. What it does do is it adds a focus to the photo. When I look at the original, I see oh its a kids leg and foot. When I look at the editted, my focus is drawn to the shoe, which gives the photo more purpose. I still approve ;) lol

  11. That's what I really liked about it too, the focus on the foot. I really have a thing for taking pictures of feet and hands, I'm not sure why. I do like images that seem a little darker as I think some images seem to 'pop' out a bit more and give it a little bit of depth. I do need to step out of my comfort zones a little though.

    I'm going out tomorrow to do some test shots with a film camera Olympus OM10 tomorrow, so I am trying to experiment as much as I can. Will post images up when I have them developed! :D

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