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From Monotone to Duotone

  1. Just after the announcement of the new theme Duotone I immediately shifted my blog from Monotone to Duotone and added some widgets. Great! Duotone resolves the main problem of Monotone: there was no background colour.

    But my old pictures are not centered any more. I just wondered if it would not be possible to center the pictures by default when they are less than 900 pixels large. In Monotone I used 800 pixels pictures to let a coloured frame around them. In Duotone, those pictures are not centered any more. It is just a detail, but if it can be resolved, it would be fine.

    In Duotone I use 900 pixels pictures and it's working fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That would be an excellent idea. I love the new theme, but I've noticed that change as well. No idea why it would be happening. For a photoblog, centred images should be the default. But geeks like everything flush left, for whatever reason.

    PS this should be in the Ideas forum. I'll flag it for shifting.

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