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From paid blog to free

  1. I currently have a paid blog and want to transfer it to a free blog. I know this is the reverse of what people usually do. Is it possible?

  2. Yes. You register a username and a free blog here. Then you export the content out of your install, and import it into your free hosted blog.
    Read vs The Differences

    Note the exporter is not available at present as Staff are working on it.

    Howdy, this tool is temporarily disabled. Check back in a few days and we’ll have it all back to normal.

  3. @TT they should still be able to export from their .ORG install and import to their .COM blog - the disabled is for some "move" function - I think between .COM blogs with an automatic address change.

    A note to @hollowglen - don't delete your old site until everything is set here - there will probably be some moving things by hand (Widgets and a few thing, sorry can't remember exactly what) - you can also set your blog here to "Private" while you get things just the way you want them -

  4. ~~auxclass
    I didn't realize that. Thanks for letting me know.

    All content in text widgets must be copied and pasted. It's not exportable nor is the theme or any plugins. The rest is straightforward. Suggestion > deactivate all plugins prior to creating the export file. I didn't and had some "issues".

  5. Great, thank you for the very fast response. I won't delete the old account for a while - I am paid up through February but don't want to get stuck with another renewal bill.

    Switched to "private" for now - thanks! It's been about two years since I customized my other blog and I forgot the basics. Looks like I need to read the FAQs.

  6. Did you export/import your links?

    Support documentation here

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