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From WordPress to Bloger (self hosted)

  1. Hello everybody. I have been totally ignored by WordPress for almost two weeks now. I need some guidence about for I can tansfer my self hosted website to blogger. Not the content but the actual website. I have been trying to do this going in circles with no help from anybody. I also have screen shots of what I have tried so far and where I have gotten. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In spite of what you say about being self-hosted, according to the cached version of your site on Google, it's hosted on

    If you want to export the content from your current site, you can do so from the Dashboard>Tools>Export. See here

    If you need help on the blogger end of things, you should search their support docs and ask in their support forum.


  3. Blogger blogs are also not self-hosted. They are hosted by Blogger. You cannot transfer an actual website to Blogger. You can export the contents and import them at Blogger, but Blogger has different themes, widgets, options and capabilities.

  4. On blogger you have an option to use your own domain name. That's what I'm trying to do is just use blogger with my own domain. I do not have any content to transfer.

  5. You have the option to use your own domain name here, too. It's the Domain Mapping upgrade. If you don't have any content to transfer, what is it that you want to transfer? The theme? The title? The URL? does not seem to exist. Did you purchase it? If so, from where? What is the URL of your blog?

  6. I've already bought my domain from wordpress. The reason it's showing up as it is not there is because the nameservers have been changed. But I just want to use blogger with my domain. I guess it's not a transfer. However when I use blogger and I've got the settings to where I should be publishing to my domain, it doesn't publish. That's what I'm having trouble with.

  7. Then you probably need to make friends over at Blogger, you have no content to transfer so I see no support issues here. You need to find out how to map your domain to your Blogger blog and that help would come from Blogger not WordPress.COM.

    When you find out where your name servers should be pointed if you can't change them, then you have a support issue here we can help you with.

  8. The girl wants to transfer her domain! Not any content. I'm having the same problem, please help! Too many issues with CNAMEs, etc.

  9. If you bought the domain from and you're moving elsewhere, you're going to have to get the new domain pointers, etc., from your new host, log into your domain manager here on and change the settings there. See here:

  10. I am moving my site from to HostGator. I need to change the DNS at I can get into the Store > Domains > 'Edit DNS' and have made an MX record change to read:
    MX 10
    MX 10
    It has been validated and saved.

    The instructions from support "Update Nameservers" are fine, but I do not have anything below the area where I have put in the MX Records (other than the samples given). I do not have 'Domain Administration" or change password area. I do not have 'Update Nameservers' button. I do not have the listing of Nameserver 1:; Nameserver 2; Nameserver 3; area. All of these are in your instructions.

    site is:

  11. I am moving my site from to HostGator.

    @speirce: Then all you need to do is change the nameservers on's end. If your domain name was purchased from directly, the instructions, once again, are here:
    That's it. Don't touch the "Edit DNS" area. That's only for blogs hosted by

    Now, before you ask "where am I going to enter my MX records?", ask HostGator. MX records are to be entered with your hosting provider, which in this case will now be HostGator.

  12. Thanks airodyssey, but when I go to my login page at '', I can go into my dashboard, into Store, into Domains, but all I see is 'Add a Domain' and the Primary Domain area. There is no other information there. In the instructions, I can't get past #1, because there is no 'Domain Administration' area where I can change the password.
    Is there someplace else that I should be looking at?
    Appreciate your help.

  13. airodyssey: I have figured it out. I was logging in with a different name, other than the owner's name. (Have a couple logins for testing). Thanks for your help.

  14. @speirce: You're welcome.

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