Front end editing in wordpress.COM?!

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    So, I’m new to wordpress, and very frustrated with the fact I can not edit or customize my theme at the FRONT END. It seems crazy that the only way I can do this is either through CSS (I don’t want to spend hours with THAT!) or going down the road of Which again would take hours, when all I want to do is simple things… I’ve used weebly before and that was a far more simple and user friendly experience..

    Why do I have to go to admin and appearance every time I need to make a slight change? It just seems crazy to me, am I missing something?! Is wordpress really this non-user friendly?!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Did you know you could use an offline editor like Windows Live Writer instead of accessing the dashboard?



    No, I did not! Thank you! I spent hours yesterday trawling the internet for a way around NOT having the ability of a WYSIWIG editor, but you have solved my problem! (Hopefully). I’m downloading it now… All I want is to move bits around and change the colour…. With any luck I’ll have my website ship shape in no time.

    Thanks again, because I was about to delve into the world of wordpress.ORG, which seemed quite daunting. FTP’s and MySql’s….!

    THANK YOU!!!!! :)

    Blood Beetle



    You’re welcome :-)

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