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  1. am new at this- well I tried before and gave up now remembering for this very reason!) -so this might seem like a really dumb question: I downloaded a theme, The Columnist Theme-which has a very specific design. I assume that the front page has a template where i can dub over with my info, however I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO ACCESS the front page. I know I can make the static front page be a page I've created- but first, that creates 2 front pages and it's not what I want- I am looking for the page that has these columns set up somewhere for me to use- otherwise what was the point of downloading that theme in the first place. PLEASE HELP! There has to be a way to access it! THANK YOU!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The front page of the blog by default is the only page that posts can be displayed on.

  3. The theme description is found here When you publish posts, not pages the theme will automatically display the posts in three columns.

  4. Yes thank you but my question is different- if you look at the theme:
    there has to be a sight where I can access this page(or post) to create the front page you see in the theme.

  5. There is no way to edit the dynamic page on the blog that displays POSTS not pages. I stand by what I posted above.

  6. I have entered posts to test the view- it does not appear as in the theme when you make a post even with pics- it appears as a page does with the title on the left and information appearing as 1 paragraph- I;m sorry- I feel so stupid but I just don;t understand where to access that 'page' to enter my own info...

  7. it says you have customized that theme. I think doing custom CSS work is a little beyond you at this point, so let's back up.

    On your Dashboard Posts page, what does it list there as your posts? On your dashboard Pages page, what does it list there as your Pages?

  8. Your question isn't different, and timethief answered it correctly: as in most themes, the default front page automatically displays your latest posts. You don't "access" the page, you create posts in Posts > Add New. No published posts? then no columns on the front page.

    By the way, you linked to the wrong demo; the version of the theme is this:

  9. @raincoaster- I've trashed my posts because they were not appearing in the same format that the theme shows. In Pages I have created one about page so far. Thank you!

  10. @justpi -i believe that what you and timethief have said is true but I am telling you that when I create the posts it does not appear as you say. So no matter how many times you want to repeat it, it doesn't make it so. Clearly I need more help than you repeating what timethief has already told me. My question was originally different but for some reason our questions and answers have transposed in the timeline. By the way, I didn't give a wrong demo, never said it was a demo- I just was trying to show timethief what the page should look like.

  11. Why don't you switch to an easy theme that has no customization like Twenty Eleven, see if your posts show up, and then report back? Sometimes this is an issue with Post Formats or something fiddly and advanced that isn't a factor on the old themes.

  12. @tmgwood: We can't help with something we can't see. If you need more help, you need to restore the posts you trashed so we can see if and what is wrong.

  13. I will try and put them back in a bit and let you know.
    Thank you to all of you for all of your help- justpi, I am sorry if I was short in my response. I feel so frustrated and stupid for not being able to figure this out myself and going in a circle for hours.
    thanks again all....

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