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    I created today a new blog in WordPress, imported all posts from an old blog (blogger). The problem I have probably has a simple solution, but I culdn’t find any help in support or foruns.

    I created two new pages, “Apresentação” (my Home/front page) and “Programação”. The first is static while the second is my post page.

    In my blog, in the pages tab, three pages are listed: “Apresentação”, “Programação” and Front Page (clicking in Front page, it jumps to my Home, Apresentação).

    How do I get rid of this inexisting “Front Page” (it doens’t show up in Dashboard, Pages, Edit?


    Theme: Cutline

    The blog I need help with is



    I read that before writing the first post, but it didn’t help much…

    It says:
    “So if you had create a page title “Home” and you would now have two links to “Home” appearing in the navigation menu. Both links would also be going to the same location. Obviously you don’t want this.”

    This is exactly what happened (in my case one is called “Front Page” and the other “Apresentação”.

    But then it says:
    “You can hide the second link by editing the page, and setting another page as the Parent in the Attributes module.”

    This doesn’t work because this second page (“Front Page”) doesn’t show up in the dashboard) hence I can’t make one the parent of the other.


    I just found a topic called “Two Home Pages” which address the same problem. The last post says:

    “Anyway the solution is simple: you turn the extra page into a child page (only parent pages show in the header).”

    This does not work! the “Front Page” does no appear in the Dashboard, so I cannot make it the parent of any other page or make it itself a child page.

    Please help…



    You’ll have to make one of the other pages the child and hide it. The “Front Page” link is coded into the theme and can’t be removed.


    Thanks for the repply, but I guess it doens’t have a solution since it is not possible to make any page the child of this “Front Page”, since “Front Page” doesn’t show in the Dashboard*…

    (*) in the pop-up menu below Attributes, Parent, the only pages that show up are those I created.

    Does anyone has any clever ideas before changing theme?

    thanks again…


    Don’t make it a child of “front page” make it a child of another page that you have created. That will hide one of the “front page” tabs. The other one will still remain and work to return visitors to your front page.


    Just do it and you will see that it works. Don’t try to over think things. The is done day in and day out to hide duplicate front page tabs.


    Yes, that worked. Thanks!

    Now I’m left with the problem of having a non-english blog (portuguese) with a Home called “Front Page”.

    By the way, if I get the “Custom CSS Upgrade”, could I fix this? (changed the embedded in the theme name “Front Page” to anything else)


    Did you choose your language under settings > general? I would think that that would translate front page into your language.

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