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    Help! I deleted the Page that the initial url broght up. It was just an introductory page directing users to view my posts that were listed in the right column.

    I did this because I want the site to open on the first post (no front page with the posts off to the side), and then have all the subsequent posts scrollable beneath the top post, so everything is scrollable on one page without having to click on different links within the site.

    When I did this, the site comes up to a blank Page that says: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    How do I get the top post to open up from the main blog url and have all subsequent posts scrollable underneath that one??

    Thanks for anyone’s help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to settings > reading and set your front page to display your latest posts. If you only want it to show a single post (your latest) then on that same page set your site to show only one post per page.


    After looking at your site, forget my last part about the number of posts setting.

    What you want to do is to set your site to show about 10 posts per page maximum. That way your site will load quickly and there will be a previous link at the bottom of the main page so that people can move back through your posts a page at a time (with however many posts you have set at settings > reading). There is no way to have a scrollable list of posts below the latest post.



    Thanks for your reply! I was confused about how to make a page my “main page” after I deleted the existing one. Somehow I got it figured out but not sure how.



    Pretty much everyone makes that mistake when they’re starting out. It’s a bit panic-making, but easy to fix once you figure it out.



    Thanks again! So one last question as I’m not sure how I really solved the problem:

    When I deleted the page that the blog opened up to I just got that error msg: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” on the initial opening screen.

    I’m really not sure with all the banging around I did how I was able to get my list of posts to come up with the initial site opening. If as I understand what you are saying, you have to have posts as a sub section of a page, and then designate that page to open with the initial blog url, how do you designate a specific page to be the “initial blog opening page”, with all your posts (up to a designated amount) as part of that page?

    Thank you again very much for your assistance raincoaster!


    You can either have your posts page (the blog that shows all posts) as the main page, or you can have a static front page for the site, but you cannot have a page that also shows some posts. Pages and posts are two different things and you might want to take a look at this support document which explains the differences between pages and posts. Pages that you create are static and sit outside the blog structure.



    I know this sounds ridiculously simple, but how do you set up your blog to have the front page just show your posts and not one of the designated pages? I was able to do it after I deleted one of my pages that was the front page, but can’t remember how I did it after getting a blank front page with that above error message after I deleted that “front page post”.



    @joesiegel: Your front page appears to display your recent posts again. Problem solved?



    Sort of. I got the front page back to show just the posts. But I don’t know how I did it.
    How do you switch back and forth between showing a “page” coming up with the initial opening of the blog, vs. showing the list of your “posts” coming up with the initial opening of the blog?



    Settings > Reading: “Front page displays”.



    That’s it! Finally. Thank you!! Everything is so simple once you see it.

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