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    My front page is set to display latest posts, and I also have a static Welcome page.

    My front page now does not display any ‘likes’ or ‘share’ options.
    How do I enable those on a front page?

    The blog I need help with is



    Click this link first scroll to the end of the post and then read what follows

    Unless you use P2, a twitter-like theme, comments are collapsed on the front page of your blog where our posts are “showcased” on the front page of the blog. Visitors click titles or comment links to read the full posts on their own pages. The way comments are displayed is coded into the core of WordPress and we cannot change that behavior described above.

    I can’t see the buttons on the front page.
    Make sure to select “Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results” for “Show buttons on” setting.


    Sorted. I ticked ‘show buttons in front page’ in Share menu of the dashboard.
    As always, many thanks and a fast response!
    Merry Christmas.



    You’re welcome and Merry Christmas! :)

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