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Front Page Displays Too Many Posts

  1. In the Settings--Reading section the Show Blog Posts per Page disappeared. I customized it to five posts. Now, when I scrolled down the Front Page, it doesn't say Older Entries at the bottom. It keeps loading more and more posts as I scroll down. What happened now? Please fix it. It is an annoyance for blog visitors. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome to Infinite Scroll. If you do a forum search, you'll see that this is coming to all themes at If you have a theme with an area for footer widget, put a widget, any widget, in there, and then you will have the option to disable Infinite Scroll.

  3. Link to the blog in question please: the site linked to your username isn't a blog.

  4. Ok. Thanks. The blog link is

  5. The theme you're using doesn't support footer widgets. To disable infinite scrolling, see Update 7 near the bottom of this post:

  6. Thanks everyone for the guidance. I will try tomorrow as I am too tired to work on this. I really don't understand why WP stresses the unnecessary loading of posts in pages, creating a negative impact as they say in the Support section, and then program something like Infinite Scroll. I think I will limit now the number of posts per month. Peace to everyone.

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