Front page doesn't work creating links?

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    There are 2 problems that I have for which I cannot find the proper answer. Maybe I don’t search right and the answer is right thére in front of me, but I cannot see it. So I hope someone might help me, please. :)

    1) I would like to have a front page on my blog but it doesn’t work. I have created 2 pages. The first one is called ‘New in the cinema’ and the second one is called ‘Home’. The idea behind this is to have, on a weekly basis, the latest movies on my front page. And, on top of my front page a button which says ‘Home’ and then by clicking this button, you can access a whole new page containing all of my other movie reviews.
    But – how do I place my already-existing movie reviews under any of these 2 pages, please? I’ve searched high and low and I’m lost. :(

    2) Is it possible to create a link towards another site in your written text? For example: if I write a movie review about Sean Connery’s latest film and I mention in my review the movie “The Rock” – can I somehow highlight and/or link this movie title so that – by clicking on it – you can actually go to a movie page (preferably IMDB) about the movie?

    Many thanks in advance for any help,

    Bye for now

    The blog I need help with is



    1. There are no header tabs in the theme ChaoticSoul. And besides, you cannot post into a page or exclude certain posts from your front page automatically. See here:

    2. If I type “create a link” in the support docs search engine, this is the 1st result:

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