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    Hi there,

    For some strange reason, my blog front page is displaying miniscule font sizes in the archive/blogroll column and on some of the posts lower down the page (using IE 6 on a PC).

    The page looks normal on my Mac using Safari. And all of the posts (and the archive/blogroll) are perfectly legible (in standard font sizes) on their permalink pages.

    I’d be grateful for any suggestions anyone might have on how to resolve the problem.


    Thanks and best wishes,


    I was previously displaying 15 posts on the front page. I’ve now changed the maximum to 5 and the font size has increased in the sidebar, and in most of the lower posts. Why is this? If there’s a limit to the number of posts that can be legibly be displayed, why is there the option to display more?

    Yours puzzledly.




    I think the problem is probably that you left a font tag open in one of your earlier posts that relates to how IE displays text; if you do that then it can override the rest of the font settings and the sidebar. When you reduced your post display from 15 to 5, it meant that post disappeared, and so the rest returned to normal.

    Looking at your previous posts, I think it starts with Reporting Iran and possibly a couple of others after that. Try copying the text from the post(s) into notepad, then go into code and delete everything in the post. Then copy it back from notepad. That will hopefully fix it.


    Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a go.

    Switching the number of displayed posts seems to have generated a second “front page”, on which there’s still the same problem – it’s accessible via a link at the bottom of the front page proper.

    Strange that in Safari I don’t see this display problem – but I’m sure there’s a reason for that which I’m not aware of.

    I imported a number of posts from an old blogger site using the import function – I wonder whether the coding from this process is what’s loused things up?

    Thanks again,



    For what it’s worth, I don’t see it in Firefox either. It’s just in IE. Which is strange, but some fonts do display differently in different browsers. So it’s possible it’s only happening in IE. If you imported from Blogger, that might have something to do with it… hope it works! :)


    Thanks – making some progress now, but the problems are still there with the sidebar. Seems they start in March 2006… Nothing for it but to recode every entry it seems. Ouch.


    Er, make that 2007… :)

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