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front page post limit

  1. From what I understand, presently there is no way to set a front page post limit distinct from the limit imposed on all dynamically generated pages. I believe it would be a useful enhancement if there was a seperate "show at most # posts" for the Front Page Options. Code would need to be modified such that the overall limit would no longer apply to the front page. Continuity and convenience could be served by taking initial values for this front page limit from the existing blanket limit applied to dynamic pages.

    It may seem like a small thing, but then again I think what rocks about this service is that there are so many well-implemented thoughtful touches akin to this. In any case, thanks again for putting this project together and exercising such care in its continued development.

  2. Requests for new features are sent to staff during support hours at which time you may use this link :)

  3. Cool and thanks . . . I didn't intend to be redundant with this. I thought suggesting that it would be a good idea wasn't the same as asking if it was already possible. The structure of the forums gives the sense that this is the right place to put forward a constructive suggestion, but I'll be happy to convey it through that link as well, next time I'm here during business hours.

  4. No problem and best wishes for a happy ending. :)

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