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    Hi, I’ve read the relevant support documents but I still am not able to solve this issue.

    Using a previous theme I elected to have a static front page (About) and have my posts appear under a seperate “Posts” tab. I have pages listed for both About (which can only be edited as one long article) and Posts where I can post individual entries. Now I’m using Twenty Eleven and I wish to have my Posts page display as the first page a user comes to with my About page the next tab along.

    My problem is that whenever I change the setting to Front Page displays ‘your latest posts’ I get two Home (or Posts if I change the name) tabs, or as I have at the moment a ‘Home” displaying my latest posts and a ‘Posts” tab displaying nothing!

    I cannot work out how to change this. If the default setting is latest posts on the front page why do I get the other ‘Posts’ tab and how do I get rid of it?


    The blog I need help with is



    I will flag this thread so it’s moved to the Themes Forum. There the Themes Staff will respond to your question.


    The Posts tab was of use when you had a static page as your front. Now you don’t need it: just go to Pages > All Pages and delete it.
    (Except if you’re using a custom menu: in that case go to Appearance > Menus, remove the page from the menu, click Save.)



    Thanks timethief. I didn’t know there was a forum specifically for Themes.

    Thanks pana. I did wonder if that was the solution but I was concerned that taking that action would delete all my posts. If that isn’t the case then I will do it.



    It won’t.


    That page is just a blank page and you can safely delete it. When you publish a static page, you get tab that links to it. But when you set a static page as your “posts page” in Settings>Reading, the system simply borrows the title of the page to create a tab that links to your posts instead. The posts don’t/cannot reside in that page – they are separate files.

    PS None of us would ever tell you to do something that would delete all your posts! And even if you happened to get such a reply from a total ignoramus or a total lunatic (both highly unlikely here), keep in mind that your blog would issue a ton of warnings if you tried to do something as drastic as deleting all your posts or the blog itself.



    Thank you both for reassuring me. I’ll delete it now.

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