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    Hello. First of all apologies for reopening a ‘resolved’ thread a moment ago in my haste to solve my current problem. So I have begun a new post instead. Basically I have a cutline template for my site, which comes with a ‘front page’ I wanted to change the title ‘front page’ to something else like ‘News’. But I can’t do this..even in manage>pages, the ‘front page’ is not listed so I can’t edit it. Any solutions?! I’ve read the faq on this btw and it doesn’t seem to work for me.



    We cannot access the underlying templates for our themes here and edit them. The “Front Page” you refer to is coded into that template by the designer of the theme. And if you could change it then everyone with the Cutline theme at would find their blog likewise changed.

    You can create and designate another page as the front page of your blog and “hide” the existing page.


    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. In the end I decided to leave it as ‘front page’ and make it a static page, referring people to other pages on the site for various posts.
    Thanks again! :)



    You’re welcome. :)

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