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    Hey guys,
    I run a wordpress blog for comics and video games and i was just wondering to create a post to be summarized on the front page. Do i always need to add that “read more” line to it to shorten the article on front page?
    or is there a option in the settings to automatically do this, i ask because i have 2 new users of wordpress helping me out and they are not to keen on how the site works.

    The blog I need help with is



    You always need to add the Read MOre unless you’re using one of the few themes that does this automatically, like Hemingway.


    makes sense, i will just have to proof read their posts to make sure they add it.
    Thanks Rain


    There are some other themes that will do automatic excerpts on the main page. I can’t think of all of them at the moment, but Inuit Types is one of them, and it even offers the option of having the posts on the main page show in two rows.

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