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    In wordpress I have the option of being able to select the kind of front page styling – Summary posts of each blog posts I submit or a static front page that is always shown upon visiting.

    I choose the summary posts for each of my blog although I go to see my posts and it displays everything. I don’t want that. Firstly, this is because I want readers to be able to selectively choose which to read more in depth and also it would be more time efficient to view more of my posts.

    I feel the theme which is monochrome by monolab may be conflicting with this option but i don’t know.
    If you would like to see how its shown (full than summary) here it is

    any help would be great. I emailed the theme guy although its in japanese and uses Kanji which I am still limited in using. So it hasnt helped much.

    The blog I need help with is


    There’s no post summaries versus static front option: in Settings > Reading there’s a) latest posts vs static front, and b) summaries vs full posts. But b refers to your RSS feeds, not the actual posts on your front page. What you need is this:
    Or one of the few themes that automatically display post beginnings on the front page – for instance Inuit Types.



    so my monochrome theme i have doesnt have the ability to show summary posts instead of full ones?



    You are not comprehending this. Yes, you can manually insert “the more tag” into all posts on your blog in the Monochrome theme prior to publishing them.

    Yes, you can edit all existing posts and insert “the more tag” into them. That will produce the brief intrductions to your posts on your front page of your blog and when readers click the “read more” link they will view the complete post on it’s own page.

    But there are themes like Inuit Types that can automatically display post beginnings on the front page and Panos has told you that in case you wish to switch to a theme that automatically displays the beginnings of post on your front page. I use the Inuit Types theme so if you want to eyeball it simply click my username.

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