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    I really like the look of images on Radcliffe, but would love to have the option to create a static front page with a front page template, like the Harmonic theme. Is there any chance of adding that feature to Radcliffe?

    The blog I need help with is




    Radcliffe has no optional page templates. I suspect that it’s unlikely that such options will be added in the future. However, you may wish to submit this suggestion to the Ideas forum. Alternatively, when a staff member responds here, they may transfer this topic to the Ideas forum.



    I should have said “if a staff member responds here.” You may add a “modlook” tag to the sidebar to the right (of this thread) to call for staff attention.


    Thanks. Added. Let’s see what happens…


    Hi doncraigphoto,

    We don’t currently have plans to introduce page templates for the Radcliffe theme. However, I’ve moved this thread to the Ideas forum so we can keep track of your request :)

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