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    I signed up the other day and I almost immediately I realized that there is something I am not getting about pages. If you just have a quick look at the blog you’ll see that two header tabs are highlighted. What you see is the content of “startsidan” yet the URL is that of the blog. Somehow two pages are trying to be displayed at once. This is the result of my changing the Reading settings / Front page displays a static page (“startsidan” checked in this case.) I also deleted and edited pages a great deal and maybe something was lost.

    The original URL (or the blog itself, for lack of a better word) and some posts, including the original “Hello world” is still there somewhere but right now only visible under Posts in the Dashboard. If I change the reading settings back to Front page displays your latest posts. the blog and the post are back. This is not a solution however as I wish to have a “Startsidan” as a static front page. (Having “Startsidan” header tab also appear furthest to the right would be a bonus.)

    Does anyone have any specific advise how I can make startsidan the actual front page without blocking the blog content itself as it does now?

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    The blog I need help with is


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    This is a question that has been answered many times, about having a static front page and then two home pages as a result.
    Here are some support documents and also links to threads about this question:


    Thanks for the links 1Tess

    I did search the forum, but not for the more specific term “two pages”.

    One link in the forum proved to be very helpful and I think I got it more or less figured out now.


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    I’m happy to hear that you are making progress. If you have more questions feel free to ask here!

    My answer is meant to alert your to the Support section of That is different from a forum search. See here:

    Forum searches depend on tags that you, and all other readers, assign to them. That means they are not easily found because many newbies don’t know the correct terminology.
    Many folk also don’t realize that you can add tags with more than one word. For example the separate tags “photo” “won’t” “load” may look good on the list of tags, but the phrase “photo won’t load” is a more useful tag if one is searching for it.


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