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    FrontPage 2003
    Fairly static website for past 12+ months
    1) Minor links to outside our website
    2) Several launch new page for a hyperlink/info
    3) No links to any DB (SQL etc.) currently
    4) No mobile site (but eventually desired)
    5) Few, if any, tags for SEO etc.
    6) Link to Mapquest for directions; launch of users email client for communicating to us
    7) Few *.jpg images
    8) 20-40 webpages
    9) Background is white with various colors and fonts of text
    10) Two (2) picture links to pullup support-based website.
    11) No drop-down menus at current time (but desired)
    12) No blogs, no connection to Facebook etc. but desired

    I’m looking for a way (easy?) to convert our FrontPage2003 website with about 20-40 webpages to WordPress or something more state-of-the-art. Ideally, I’d like to have the ‘blackbox’ take in our FrontPage webpages and convert them automatically to WordPress. [Other solutions are possible if you know of any that will convert FrontPage to whatever.]
    How can I do the FrontPage 2003 to WordPress or ??? conversion?

    The blog I need help with is



    The answer totally depends on what KIND of WordPress you’re looking at. Please familiarize yourself with the differences, so you don’t waste time getting the wrong answers or even pick the wrong kind of site altogether.



    PROVIDING you are planning on using the standalone version of WordPress on your own hosting site, there is a plugin that will do this. It will not work for

    BUT. And it’s a huge one. I personally don’t believe this will work well with Frontpage, unless you have really really clean code, which Frontpage is not famous for. It may import ok, but be prepared for code cleanup.

    If you are using any webbots, those won’t work.

    I suggest, if you’re on your own hosting plan, setting up a subdomain, install wordpress and this plugin and give it a trial run. If it does what you like, then go for it.

    I’m currently using an older/different version of this and it’s great. The site I’m using it on is huge, but the code is clean so I have minimal cleanup.

    You can use
    for assisting with seo – it’s all manual, per post.

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