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  1. Ant one else having trouble getting into WordPress tonight?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thefruitychicken

    Yup seems like a universal issue

  3. all of us are having trouble. Let's see, we cannot get into the global tags anymore without signing out? If we do then we cannot comment without signing back in? Then the tabs are not working so we really have no way of doing anything do we?? I can get into my blog using the stat button. That is it. Reader not working, notifications not working, my blog not working, Nothing is working, yet we are supposed to be so happy with WP? I lost a wonderful blogger going to another blog site because of all of this mess. Hmmm I think I may follow him.

  4. 48colorrainbow

    I can sign in, but after I do, I cannot post to my blog or view posts on other blogs.

  5. i am ok now

  6. can't create a new post.

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