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    I’m using Fruit Shake and attempting to add a “more tag” but it doesn’t want to show up in the published post (only in the editor, both visual and html). Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is



    Ah, and I know using it within a Page or within other markups (strong, em, li, etc) makes it not show up.


    In posts you can use the more tag or pagination. In pages only pagination.




    I actually wrote the post for Vegamo, who doesn’t understand much about blogging. The more tag isn’t working under the Fruit Shake theme for doing regular posts.


    I’ve just did two test posts on one of my test blogs with Fruit Shake and the more tag is right there on the main page in both of them: .

    What browser and browser version is being used and have you tried a different browser?

    Also, do you have a link to a published post where it has NOT shown up.

    Also again, are you looking at the “preview” from the post editor page? If so, that will show the post as it would appear after clicking the read more tag. The read more tag will only show up on the main page of the site.



    Oh, you mean you switched to Fruit Shake to do the test then switched back to Motion? Guess I was too late to check. In any event, I tested the more tag for Vegamo using Firefox, whatever the latest version is. Vegamo uses Windows and I use Mac, though same result. I’ll try again and if that fails, I’ll try Safari.


    ps – no published posts as Vegamo doesn’t wish to make blog public while she sets it up.



    Ok, so I tried it again on Firefox and same problem. I went over to Safari and had success, though viewing from Firefox doesn’t show “keep reading” on the posts where I put them. Guess I’ll chalk it up to a technical glitch in Firefox and hope it gets resolved for my friend before she makes her blog public.



    I can confirm “Continue Reading” link appears as expected in Fruit Shake on Firefox, Safari and Chrome (all the latest version).

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