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    The Fruit Shake theme could do with more contrast between the footer at the bottom of the comments and it’s background. You can see it on my site here:

    I haven’t checked, but I’m guessing this may only effect the blue design:
    <img src=”” />

    The blog I need help with is



    Well that was an epic failure on the <img> tag, lol. I guess they’re not supported here :(

    Anyhows, there is an image here which shows the problem in action …


    Yeah, you are right. The theme team needs to make an adjustment there. If they don’t respond here within 24 hours, contact them directly via the contact form at .


    Thanks for letting us know about that, Ryan. It should fixed up now. Let us know if you see anything else wonky.



    Thanks Ian :)


    I just chose the Fruit Shake theme! Gorgeous!
    But where are all my pages? I made a “menu” but it doesn’t appear on the blog….


    You will have to go back to appearance > menu and re-choose your custom menu in the pulldown in the “theme location” module at upper left of that page and click “save.”


    Ah! I’m really grateful for your help! It was so easy, I wonder why I didn’t even figure it out in the first place! Everything is fixed now and it makes me like the Fruit Shake Theme even better because of it.
    Thanks again for your help.


    You are welcome.

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