Fruit shake theme : translation in French – traduction en français

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    Hi! Bonjour!

    I am currently working on a blog in French. My theme is Fruit shake. Most of the theme is well translated, but when I add a new post, we can still read ‘posted by ____ in ____ and tagged with ____’ at the top of each post. Also, beside the ‘like’ button under each pages, we can read ‘be the first to like this’

    How can I translate these two parts of the blog in French? I am new here and I don’t really understand how GlotPress works…yet!

    Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, this is the link where you can suggest a translation for “Be the first to like this”.

    As for “posted by ____ in ____ and tagged with ____”, it seems like it’s currently several strings and could benefit from being merged into a single string, I am looking into this.


    Thanks for you help!

    I suggested a translation for “Be the first to like this”.

    Looking forward to receive your answer regarding the remaining words to be translated. :)



    So here are two more links, need to be translated separately:

    Posted by __ in
    and tagged with

    And you can find all the strings used in the Fruit Shake theme, translated or untranslated, listed on this page.

    Keep in mind that the translations need to be validated and deployed after you submit, so it can be a few days before you see the changes take effect on your site.


    Again, thank you so much for your help!

    I submitted two more translation suggestions… Now I just have to wait and see!



    Thank you! For this one, did you notice the red line and the warnings? The markup needs to be preserved so that the translation works correctly in the theme. (That one is a bit of a tough example, though, so I completely understand why you only translated the text and discarded the code.)


    I just noticed that! Thanks for letting me know…!
    I’ve suggested a new translation and kept the code… hope I did it right this time ;)



    Looks great! And now it’s been approved and deployed, and you can see your translations in the theme ;)


    That’s great! Thank you so much for your help!

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