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    OK–It’s been over two days since I purchased a value bundle $99.00, and I’m still not getting a simple answer. Oh yes, I contacted Kris from wordpress via email and he gave me a few links that I’ve already been to.

    If I don’t get the problem fixed here I’m demanding a refund. There should be a phone number to call for certain problems too.

    When I signed up and paid for word press’s bundle, somehow my email became my domain/url. (I may have entered the wrong info thinking that was a spot for my email.) Nonetheless, I never intended it to be, but yet it is. So Kris told me to go ahead and register anyways, which I did…now I’m stuck with my email being my domain. Then I was told to create another account and transfer all my stuff. First off, I only have one email so when I try to create a new (free account) it says I’m using a duplicate email. Also, with a free account isn’t all my info out there of which I was trying to avoid with the upgrade? Why didn’t he just allow me to change my domain/url before I registered it. Now I have to jump through hoops when this shouldn’t be a dang problem. I’d be happy to copy and paste his answer to my email, one of which I have yet to get answer from.

    The blog I need help with is



    You must be logged in under the username account that purchased the upgrade to request cancellation or a refund. provides a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a refund yourself directly from the Store section of your Dashboard
    see also
    This thread is flagged for Staff response. Please be patient while waiting.



    I appreciate your response but I sense a genuine lack of common business sense and customer courtesy ever since I’ve started communicating about my simple, yet now frustrating issue.

    For instance, instead of first suggestion to be patient because the thread is flagged for staff response, you show me how you don’t want my money anymore and suggest a way for me to be logged in to cancel my account. Mark Cuban would fire you, good thing he doesn’t own wordpress, huh?



    I am a Volunteer and this is a peer support forum. I have answered questions here for over 6 years and sabre rattling doesn’t phase me a bit. I provided the information I thought was relevant and then stated above this thread is flagged for Staff and you will have to be patient. Why? Because there are many threads queued for Staff support and Staff deal with the threads with the earliest dates first.



    Simple phone number would fix this. You said “our” like you were affiliated with WordPress beyond just being a motivated volunteer, my bad.

    What you call saber rattling, I call a customer trying to justify staying with a business. Money doesn’t come easy these days “volunteer”.



    You sound like a super angry person, that started out with user error. For that, I’m super sorry. I’m in no way affiliated with , but I’m a blogger and a tech support individual, so let me try to help you.

    1) You accidentally made your DOMAIN ( your email address ((email redacted))? I’m assuming your domain is one you PAID for (not since you have the value bundle, and you now want to CHANGE your domain name because you basically “spelled” it wrong.
    Answer) I misspelled my domain. Can I edit it?

    Not exactly, but you can fix it.

    When you register a domain name, the exact name itself is what you are purchasing. As addressed above, there can only ever be one website at any given domain at a time, so you are buying the right to have your site at that name for one year. So if you accidentally registered, you couldn’t change that domain itself to

    If you notice the mistake within 48 hours of registering the domain, however, you can cancel the misspelled domain and receive a full refund. You can then register the correctly spelled domain.

    So yes, demand your refund, and fix your spelling.

    2) Making a new account – you aren’t making a new account, you’re making the right blog domain, you can have as many sites as you want on your account, they’re all just different domains. Your original domain is usually (email redacted) (whatever you set your username as) but you can disable that and make whatever domain name you want and use that blog.

    I hope that answers your questions a little bit.



    @clemsonite: I am sorry about the frustration. I see that forum volunteers (timethief and kaypix) tried to help and they did provide useful links. I noticed that your already canceled your Value Bundle; the refund is on the way. I also sent you a follow-up email to clarify your options if you want to change the web address of your site and choose another custom domain.

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