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Frustrations with

  1. I have been happily blogging here since February. While I appreciate the work that has been done on the back end, there have been some changes made that is taking the pleasure out of blogging (and yes I've sent feedback):

    1. Introduction of the tabs in the editor. The HTML tab does not work using Mozilla. I have had to install another browser (and learn how to use it) as the result. The old one worked just fine.
    2. Edit comments only in HTML. I hate this. I really don't want to have to learn HTML fix things. Give me back the MCE editor here.
    3. Stripping of HTML tags. I can no longer get the br tag to work. I put it in, and it gets stripped out.
    4. Current spam removed from the Dashboard. Another move that I don't understand.
    5. Recent comments widget. Hardcoded at 5, we've been asking for a more configurable widget for some time now.

    Finally, there is the Norfolk tag which still is being interpreted incorrectly. (So you're always the bridesmaid)

    Like I said, I appreciate the work that goes on here but I really would appreciate having back the comfortable, easy environment that existed when I came to

  2. One thing I forgot to mention - easily half the time I push the "publish button" the post gets saved to draft instead.

  3. A lot of people had problems all weekend long. Images and rafts were disappearing and there were problems with the text rich editor. Somewhere on one of the many threads Barry said something about the text rich editor changes. Do you happen to recall the tags or title on that thread Vivian?

  4. I second #3 and #4. I write my posts in HTML offscreen now and just paste it because of all the issues with the editor. The Dashboard was also a convenient way to see everything going on with your blog on one screen. Keeping "Current spam" on there would be nice.

  5. I second your number 4. above. What I would also like to see on my dashboard is announcements and notices. Examples: which themes are scheduled for upgrading or are currently being upgraded (Cutline and maybe Pressrow?); which themes are being widgetized prior to being brought on line; and what major site-wide work is either scheduled or is currently being undertaken.

    What I'd like to get off the dashboard are these:
    (1) Top blogs today
    (2) Fastest Growing blogs
    (3) Top Posts from around

    IMO (1) and (2) could be replaced by single links and (3) could be listed on the bottom of the page (1) links to.

  6. @vivianpaige:
    #2 - I know HTML and it's still a big pain. I would rather have a choice.
    #3 - What is the deal with that? I type stuff then do "save and continue editing" only to see everything running together. I have to change over to HTML to get the breaks to "take".
    #4 - Yep. Sent in feedback.
    #5 - I use my comments feed but I wish the widget would give us 10.

    As a resident of Norfolk, I'm sad that this tag still does not work properly for you. :(

    I've been having that "publish but saves to draft" problem for at least a couple of weeks. Hope you can find that thread because I'd like to see it. Tried downloading BlogDesk several times but I get errors. Will keep trying.

    I also like everything on the Dashboard. One-stop checking.

  7. FYI - these are not problems that first appeared this weekend. The problems with the Rich Text editor appeared the day they switched it and moved the html to the tab.

  8. I'm with you on 2,4,5, and the bonus "publish to draft" as well as complaining that the autosave feature is so slow, and repeats so often, that it substantially interferes with the very act of blogging.

    I do like seeing Top Blogs and in particular Top Posts, because it makes it easy and enticing to check out other wordpress blogs. I've learned a lot that way. "Most recently updated" doesn't tell you whether or not it's interesting; the info that a LOT of other people are reading/linking to a post does tell you that.

  9. I was hoping that someone from the staff would weigh in here.

  10. One more thing I discovered today: the spell-checker is NOT Mozilla-friendly. I've been messing with Firefox over the past few days (still not my browser of choice) and for the first time, I was able to spell-check AND replace the word with the proper spelling. All this time, I never knew it was possible.

  11. I really hope they go back to the old editor. The new HTML tab that strips "p" and "br" tags is awful and makes it a pain in the ass to fix posts. Also, with the new system I've noticed that posts often don't come out like the WYSIWYG editor shows them, with huge gaps between paragraphs that I know for a fact were not originally coded into the raw HTML.

    I would add to the list my frustration with the lack of <iframe> functionality. There are several community sites I frequent that use these for dropdown lists of links to similar posts in the community (sort of a round table thing), and I am one of a very few who can't use that feature.

  12. I am hoping for the old editor back, or at least to have the choice to use it. The current html editor is too wysiwyg. It strips out perfectly valid code. I want control over writing my own code. And bring back the word wrap in editing html!
    I did send in a feedback, I see you have too. Perhaps if everyone who is displeased with the new editor could do the same, perhaps it will be looked at.
    Re: Spell check extension for Firefox-"Spellbound Development" is the one I use. I don't use the spell checker here. This one works well, perhaps it works on Modzilla too.

  13. I blog offline first in Blogjet and since the new html editor has been introduced it is a real pain to fix posts. It looked as if it was an improvement but practically it's more of a backward step as it makes tweaking after posting a finicky and tiresome task.

    I don't know why something that was working o.k. (in my opinion) was messed with to create something that's more hard work for bloggers. There are other things that REALLY need fixing. Bringing the old one back would be a relief.

  14. Bringing back the old editor and having the ability to edit comments using WYSIWYG are the two top issues for me. I can't edit ANY comments anymore. The stripping of the tags once the editor is opened means all of the text runs together. I used to write a response and then edit it to add links. Can't do it that way anymore.

  15. Thanks for the notes, Vivian. We share your concerns. I have taken care of the comment editor for you.

    Unfortunately we have not been able to make the tabbed editor work in Mozilla. Instead we will provide the old editor for Mozilla users. As an added bonus I have turned word wrap back on in the source editor.

    The stripped tags behavior is not going to change. WP prefers to replace br tags with line breaks for many reasons. What you can do to circumvent this effect is give your hand-made br tags a class: <br class="mine" /> should escape the filter.

  16. Can the rest of us use the old editor too? Pretty please.(Using Firefox)

  17. Another previously happy WP user begging you to give us back the old editor regardless of our choice of browser!

  18. Andy - thanks for fixing those two items. Can you explain the useage of the <br class="mine" /> tag? Are you saying just put that in instead of the

    And can you PLEASE look at the Norfolk tag? I don't want to be a bridesmaid :(

  19. With the latest revision of the WYSIWYG editor, the comment editor is now back in HTML. Can we PLEASE have the WYSIWYG comment editor back?

    Also - still haven't fixed the Norfolk tag

    Because of these 2 things, I've changed this thread back to unresolved.

  20. That Norfolk tag has now entered the realm of folklore. Truly, it's meme-worthy, it's just so bizarre. We should make it a metaphor for Beckettian logical dissonance wherever we encounter it. Although nobody will know what we're talking about. Still, should drive traffic to the forum.

  21. I have no clue what the Norfolk tag is or means. I don't use the Rich Editor but the other one. And I think I only use that to make clickable links and these tags:

    < blockquote > < strong > < em >

    What does the Norfolk tag do?

  22. nosy please do a search.

    I could have sworn that the norfolk tag worked. it did for me when i viewed her site.

  23. @raincoaster

    That Norfolk tag has now entered the realm of folklore. Truly, it's meme-worthy, it's just so bizarre. We should make it a metaphor for Beckettian logical dissonance wherever we encounter it. Although nobody will know what we're talking about. Still, should drive traffic to the forum.

    It's meme worthy. Go for it!

  24. Seriously,
    What is wrong with the wordpress editor? I tried to write a poem but it would not just come in right format.
    It is like leaving 10 blank lines in between. I checked the html, deleted those blank lines and when I published again, it had fewer spaces but still it did not work well..

    Played around for about an hour before I got it right...

    Is this problem persistent with others as well?

  25. That's very odd; never seen that except when it was pasted in from Word (which generally messes up formatting). You're using the HTML editor? Try the Rich Text editor; to do single-spacing you hold down the CTRL key when hitting Enter, otherwise it's all double-spaced, which looks funny for poetry.

  26. My HTML editor tab in posting suddenly has disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else?

  27. Frustrations??? Don't talk to me about frustrations with WordPress!!!

    I've just been informed that I have to remove links to my wife's website from her blog!

    Ignore that fact that I send loads of visitors to WordPress via her website... and I know for a fact that WordPress has had a good few new members because of this, I've now been told to lose the links to her own website :-(

  28. Have just received an email from WordPress telling me that there can only be ***1*** link to my wife's website from her blog. So, how is this going to impact on other WordPress bloggers who have **more** than 1 link on their blog to their websites?

  29. Actually Art, I think what they're saying is that you shouldn't have links to the website in *every* post. In the thread that you started Mark mentioned that there were 10 posts and 11 links to the website. That's known as spamming or link blogging and is frowned upon at

    If you have hosting on a website then there's very little reason for not running the wordpress software directly on the website rather than at It will give you much greater control over what happens with the blog and no-one can tell you what you can and can't do with it.

    Don't get me wrong, I love and for the blogger that just wants to blog it's great. If you want to control the blog, the way it looks, the way it handles and complete control over the content then downloading the software and putting it on your own host is definitely the way to go.


  30. here's a thought, why don't you go around and look at the bloggers who have other sites. you'd realize that almost evey one of them links to their site regularly. hell, even lorelle does it. it's a vague and inconsistant policy, that needs clearer wording, and unprejudiced implementation. if they keep running off everyone who runs a business and a blog on the side, they'll be left with the just reward of having livejournal's leftovers.

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