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    I’d like to back-up the posts/images/etc. on my site and assume this would be done via FTP. However, while it’s my understanding obtaining the domain through WordPress still means I own the domain, I’ve no idea where I would go to set up FTP username/password. I’ve manage(d) sites hosted elsewhere, and these are/were fairly straightforward to accomplish via the hosting company’s account screens. How is FTP set-up accomplished when the domain was obtained as a WordPress upgrade?



    The blog I need help with is mississippiramblings.com.


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    The site linked to your username (and at the bottom of your post in this thread) is hosted here on WordPress.com. We have no FTP access!

    On WordPress.com, you can back up your site like so:

    You have a domain mapping upgrade, but that does not mean you have a host other than WordPress.com.

    The mapping upgrade is like a street sign pointing to where your site is: mississippiramblings.com is the sign pointing to where you are hosted on wp.com.

    …sort of like a name tag you put on at a party where you want folks to call you by a nickname. You are still you, but folks talk to you using your nickname.

    Please read this about the different flavors of WordPress:



    Thanks, 1tess. In retrospect, that should have been obvious I suppose. I moved over to WordPress because it makes posting much easier than how I was doing it on my own, otherwise hosted, site, using plain html, manually linking one post to the next, etc. Every post involved modifying several files and uploading via ftp! Much easier now, but I did want my own, self-stored back-up upon occasion. The export tool was what I needed. Much appreciated.


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