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Full Frame's Footer Right keeps moving to center

  1. Hi,

    I just purchased Full Frame and was setting it up before taking this blog live. The theme offers three footers for widgets, and right now I would like to show two widgets, one on the left and one on the right. But, when I do this arrangement, the right widget seems to display in the center. Now, if I add a widget to the center, the right widget moves to the right to where I would expect it to be. Now, if I remove that center footer widget, the right widget moves back towards the center. Is this normal behavior for Full Frame's footers? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops! Being new to premium themes, I did not realize that they had their own support section. Is it possible that a moderator can move this question, or should I just re-post it there myself?



  3. I think you will have to repost it.

  4. However, your question can be answered here: Yes, this in normal behavior on themes with footer widget areas, when these areas are made to show side-by-side by being set to float left (as is the case with FF). Float left means show next to previous section, so if the second widget area is empty the third will move next to the first. To display widgets left and right only, add a blank Text widget to the center area.

  5. Thank you for explaining how the footers work, and for also offering a work around solution. It's not how I would have logically expected them to function, but then again, I am not a theme designer. I appreciate the detailed explanation.



  6. You're welcome.
    "It's not how I would have logically expected them to function".
    Naturally: when you see "Right Footer Area" or the like, you would expect to see what its name says. It depends on the way each theme is designed: some have fixed positions for each footer area, but some are designed the way I explained. (There's even a third possibility: on some themes, if you put widgets left and right and nothing in the center area, the left and right areas will expand to cover half and half of the total theme width.)

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