full installation on wordpress.com?

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    I created a “basic” blog on wordpress.com but it seems that I don’t have access
    to a lot of the options/efatures of a full installtion. In particular, I woudl liek to
    have access to the menu Options>Discussion to manage the comments.
    Do you know if this is possible or/and if there is an upgrade for this?
    Please note that I would liek this blog to be hosted on WordPress.com.


    You do have full control over the comments in a plain wordpress.com blog – no upgrade needed. See your Dashboard:Comments and Dashboard:Settings:Discussion.


    Thanks a lot. The problem was that the submenu of Dashboard (Reading – Discussion – Privacy ..etc ) appears *only* when I click on the “Settings” tab located to the far right of the screen (not when I click on “Dashbord”). I had overlooked the tab , hence my question!
    Thank you again for your help.

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