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Full post in categories

  1. Ok first sorry, my english can be better so ill try the best i can.

    Me problem is, on my blog (, when I click on a categorie in the cat list, post are not showing up entirely and it doesnt even have a Show full post button. The only way i can see the full post is to reclick on the title then it shows.

    Does somebody knows how to fix this? Is it a problem with the theme?

    Thx for helping!

  2. When I clicked your username I found this:

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

    For other reading this thread please note that clicking a second time on the title of any post accessed by clicking on a Category will bring up the entire post.

  3. The OP's username is linked to a different blog than what he's asking about.

    The blog in question, , is NSFW, by the way (it would probably be SFW by French standards).

    Most themes (possibly all) show truncated posts in their category pages. I'm almost certain that no theme will show images in the category pages. This is just the way it works, malheureusement. You could try some other themes to see how they deal with category pages.

  4. @judy
    I saw the other blog url it but I didn't want to make an active link to a NSFW blog here on the forum or to draw attention to it in any way. There is no post content other than images.

  5. I am trying to figure out how to categorize my blog the us Republic. Does it go into politics and society and if so how do I categorize it or in what section of WordPress the Dashboard?????????????????????? :)

  6. @theusrepublic
    You have not posted your blog's url nor have you linked your username to it. Hence I don't know if you are referring to a hosted blog or if you havd downloaded software from

    If the latter is the case then you are in the wrong forum and ought to post here

    If the former is the case and you do have a hosted blog then note that blogs themselves are not categorized. The posts in your blog are assigned appropriate categories of your own selection. You select and likewise assign tags to your posts as well
    HTH :)

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