Full screen mode trashes work

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    I just lost 2 hours or work using the full screen mode in Fjords. Even though I went back to the normal view every 10 minutes, it just dragged me back there automatically with a draft that was 2 hours old. I just lost reviewing about 10 different research references, commenting on them, adding webpage links and now that is all gone.

    Thanks a lot wordpress.



    We can’t begin to help without a link to the blog, starting with http.


    I save all the time. I went back to regular mode every 10 minutes and manually hit the SAVE button, making sure before and after I didn’t lose anything.

    Then randomly in the middle of editing in full screen mode, the screen flash and reset me back to the regular mode. When I got there, I saw the version was very old. I tried to go back to full screen mode, still the same old version. It was somewhat like when you get automatically logged out and lose something and have to log back in, but this time I didn’t get logged out. And it didn’t revert to the previously saved version. It revered back several hours worth of work.

    Major problem. This is not like I lost a couple versions, it went backwards in time perhaps 15 versions.

    Now I know never to trust this blogging software. It is a shame. I liked it. But if you can’t trust it to make backups, and it doesn’t give you the option of looking through several previous backups, then it is essentially worthless because it can’t be trust.

    I am still livid about this. It is not like I lost 2 hours of me blathering about how bad my life is like a boatload of blogs are – I do comprehensive research by searching the web and research journals, and digest it into easy-to-understand format. I have lost all those webpage links now, along with all the analysis I did.

    I tried exporting my blog in hopes there was still a chance it was somehow saved correctly somewhere. I imported to another blog and it was still the old old version. I tried going backwards in the browser. No luck.



    There currently is a bug that prevents autosaves from occurring while composing a post in full-screen mode. WordPress engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.



    Thank you for the response. However, can you explain why it suddenly took me back to a previous version that was several versions old? I had suspected that auto updates were not happening, which is why I kept switching back and forth between the modes to manually update. I didn’t just lose the last set of changes, I lost about 15 manual saves worth. Does it have something to do with the fact that I was manually saving, instead of returning to normal mode, and then letting it auto save before returning to full screen mode?

    Now that I think about this, I believe there is some merit to this thought. The version it took me back to was around the time I started doing manual saves rather than letting it autosave. (I am software engineer and familiar with version control software). This makes sense…please forward this symptom/possibilities to the engineers.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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