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full screen trashed a draft

  1. Today, when I go into full-screen edit mode using the visual editor, none of my text appears in the edit window.

    I've reproduced the problems in three different browsers (IE6, Chrome and FF) and it's the same in all.

    Now, the back and forth trashed a draft I was working on.

    This was working - now it is not. Only thing different on my box between when I last posted and now is, well, nothing. No new software installs, no updates, no reboots.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you still cannot access draft posts in the full-screen edit mode then believe your blog may need Staff intervention.

  3. Yah - still not working...consistently...sometimes I get into the full-screen edits but, when I do, it usually doesn't work right. Commands, like page break fail. Haven't really progressed past this point.

    Upside: learned how to recover the post from a previous rev, so, bonus.

  4. I'm glad to hear you recovered the draft and sad to here the problem lingers on. Staff will be available tomorrow. I hope you have a good evening and a better tomorrow.

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