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Full-size photo in my blog?

  1. I am clueless about how to place a banner-type photo in my blog that will be seen across the full width of the page, rather than as a photo to be clicked on and expanded in another page. Can you point me in the right direction to find this information? Thanks so much!

  2. When you upload the image, choose the 'Use Original' option instead of the 'Use thumbnail" option as per the FAQ

  3. Thank you *so* much! I will endeavor to read further in the FAQ's next time!

  4. Not a problem. Actually I just pointed you to the FAQ to see where along the steps you would choose that option.

  5. Tried using the "Use Original" option several times without success. However, I was able to successfully place my full-size original into my post using HTML. Thanks for the help! WordPress *is* the best!

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