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    I’ve used WordPress for years and I like it…but I want to LOOOVE it! I cannot for the sake of my business afford to just not blog, but I also absolutely CANNOT take 6-7 steps PER IMAGE to uplaod to my Photography blog. I’ve done it in the past but it just takes too much time now that my workload has increased dramatically…and so has the # of images I need to upload (WEDDINGS are KILLING ME).

    Please advise how I can mass upload FULL SIZE images in one center column! I’ve tried doing the gallery option as previously advised but it’s only thumbnailed sized images which are not attractive, and too labor intensive for my viewers, who I’m sure like myself, do not want to individually click 30-70 images to see them full web size.

    I’m losing my mind over here!!!

    The blog I need help with is braskajenneaphotography.wordpress.com.



    After you upload your images and insert the Gallery shortcode, you need to modify the Gallery shortcode in the HTML/Text Editor of your Post or Page to include both a single column and a full width image. The Gallery shortcode will look something like

    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]

    Please note that “full” is not the full sized image, but the image resized to the full width of your content posting area.

    See here for example:



    Hi, sorry to hijack a thread, but if I edit the gallery as shown can I add a line or two in between the photos ? Or else is it possible to divide gallery into 2 or three ? For example if I have 4 pics of 3 different cars that I want to present in one post, can I define gallery 1 with pics of car 1, then gallery 2 with car 2, etc. Or insert the whole gallery and split them with a sentence introducing each vehicle. I would appreciate your answer. Many thanks.



    Yes, of course. Just use includes to break up your Gallery into sections. You will need to modify the Gallery shortcode in the Post or Page Text editor to use “includes” with the attachment ID number of the images you want to display. See here http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/#gallery-shortcode and here for a demo http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/include-from-media-library-gallery/

    Alternately, you don’t have to use the Gallery feature. Just insert your images one-by-one.



    Sorry, caught by my own copy/paste. :)

    The demo post you want to see is http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/split-gallery-using-includes/



    thank you justjennifer, that’s very helpful :)

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