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    I do not want websites which use a re-blog tool to be able to reproduce what I write on my blog in full and so have excerpts in the main feed of my blog. However, I would like to provide full feeds to those readers who use a feedreader. What is the best way to achieve this?

    Is there a specific way of banning some ips from retrieving my feeds, or is there a way to have a non-default url for a full-text feed?

    Your help is much appreciated.



    It’s a shame that people do this. There’s no way to stop somebody from getting your blog’s posts if they’re publicly available. Blocking visitors by IP won’t work because it’s possible to get the data from a public aggregating service such as Bloglines.

    (This reminds me of the days when designers would use Javascript to prevent people from right-clicking to view the HTML or save the pictures. Futile!)

    If you find someone republishing your material, you can try to contact them and if that fails contact their host or ISP. This isn’t something we can do for you.

    You gotta fight for your right to party.



    I know this sounds silly but I have a client who feels the same way. What he does is throw in the random swear word in his posts. I know it sounds silly but most hosts would rather not have such items on their pages while people who would be reading your blog are there for a reason and probably wouldn’t mind.

    (He’s also a sixty plus year old geezier so I even think he likes *expressing* himself if you catch my meaning.)

    He’s also contacted the feedservices (ie feedburner) and requested that his domain be exempted from their systems. Most replied and did so. I don’t know if that would work for you.

    The blocking via IP might work if you were to block the services. Of course the sites would still be able to pull directly from you.

    Good luck,

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