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    Hi there

    I’m new to web design so please be patient with me!

    I am Trying to create a site/blog on behalf of my partner here it is so far-

    I am using the Blissful Blog Theme, and the reason I picked that theme is to have a few images on a slider on the home page but I am struggling! I basically would like it to look very similar to the example – http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/blissful-blog/

    I read a post which mentioned taging posts and creating a featured image? – I have created a featured image but this is just one image, I would like more than one that can be scrolled through.

    Is this possible? Do I have to upgrade to enable this feature?

    Any help would be great!

    The blog I need help with is jesslearmonth.wordpress.com.



    Hi surferdude5413!

    I’m happy to help you get the featured slider working on your site.

    First of all, it looks like you have already chosen the tag you want to use for featured posts in Settings > Reading, so that part is done.

    Next, you just need to create some posts with featured images that you’ll assign to this tag. Here’s a step-by-step:

    1. Go to Posts > Add New in your Dashboard.
    2. Give your post a title, and type in some content. Then look in the right column, and find the “Tags” box. Type “featured” into the box (since that’s the tag you chose to use for the slider) to assign the “featured” tag to this post.
    3. Next, find the “Featured Image” box (also in the right column) and click “Set Featured Image” to upload a featured image for this post.
    4. Save this post. Repeat this process for each post you’d like to appear in the slider.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to ask.


    Thank you so much for your help!!

    Sorry for my late reply I have been Ill and I haven’t done much on the site, I now have a slider!!! although ideally I would of liked the slider on the home page on its own, and the other posts on a different page titled blog, but I don’t think this is possible is it? I have to have the slider with the other posts, I guess this isnt a problem.

    I do have another quick question…. Is it possible to not have the comment form on the bottom of each page??

    Thanks again



    Hi surferdude5413,

    I think you figured it out as I don’t see the comment form on any page. Congrats!

    To answer another question, unfortunately that’s not possible as the theme is. The theme is designed to show posts below the slider.

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