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Full width no side bar?

  1. Hello there

    How do I get my blog to have a full with view I would like the titles to appear on top of the posts instead of the sides.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Libre 2 doesn't have optional layouts for the blog page. It might be possible to achieve the look you want with CSS customization -- see the Custom CSS support page -- but switching to another theme might be easier.

  3. Hi there it says it's got full width template in the Theme info for the theme but it doesn't say how to activate it?

  4. The "Full Width, No Sidebar" template is one of the optional page templates on Libre 2. Regardless of the theme, page templates (when available) are only available on, and applicable to, static pages.

  5. Page templates aren't available on dynamic pages such as the blog page and archives pages.

  6. Hi, we could modify the display of the blog page with custom CSS so that the site title and the meta data are above the post content, but one thing to keep in mind is that the wider lines of text get on screen, or in print, the more difficult it gets to read them and move from one line to the next accurately. If we were to do the above, the lines in the content area would end up being around 1100px in width. I generally recommend somewhere between 500 and 750 pixels in width. Currently the content area on your site has a max width for the content of right at 780px.

    To do the above change, we would have to use custom CSS, which is a feature of the Premium Plan and Business plan upgrades.

    If you decide to get the upgrade, create a new thread in the CSS Forum and I would be more than happy to help you make that change.

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