Full-width template on 'Forever' theme not available?

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    ‘Forever’ theme claims to facilitate a ‘full width’ page template option, but I can’t see how to change to this? I don’t want any widgets – instead, I want my text stretching all across the page.

    Is anyone able to help? I would be most grateful! It seems like a great theme in theory and I’d love to get it working!

    The blog I need help with is roundwooddesign.wordpress.com.


    Well, that is weird. No layout options at appearance > theme options, and no “full-width” page template in the attributes module in the page editor. I thought that perhaps if you left the sidebar empty that it would go away like some of the other newer themes, but that doesn’t work either.

    You have either found a bug in the theme or a mess-up in the documentation.

    I’ll tag this to have it moved to the themes forums as the theme team monitors that forum and hopefully they will respond and clear things up shortly.



    Ah, thank you very much! Perhaps as it is a relatively new theme these things are yet to be ironed out…

    Much appreciated


    You are welcome. I thought that possibly if you set it to show the posts in multiple columns that the sidebar would go away, but it just gets pushed down.


    Forever does have a no-sidebar template for static pages: Page Attributes module > Guestbook template.


    I wondered about that, but when I viewed the demo it seemed tailored to comments as guestbook entries.


    It’s a regular no-sidebar page. The only difference is that the comments show up in two columns and aren’t preceded by the “N THOUGHTS ON [PAGE TITLE]” heading.


    Have to remember that.



    Thanks guys

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