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    I’ve done some searching, but is there any way to post the full year in blogging report into a blog post? Not just the summary post, but the whole thing. I’ve seen a couple blogs that seem to have most of the report in a blog post, but I just can’t figure it out. Or do I have to type do a copy/paste kind of thing?

    The blog I need help with is jaydeejapan.wordpress.com.



    The email you received had a link so you could view the report. The report itself contains all the instructions you need to publish the report. Please locate the report and lok at the top right hand corner and note the Male public”
    This report is private Make public

    Then scroll down to the bottom of the report:

    Share this with your visitors
    Want to share this summary with your readers?
    Make this report public by clicking the link at the top right, then click the button below:
    Post this summary to my blog



    Yes, I understand that. I had done all that before. My question is not about that. I stated in my question about posting the full report, not just the summary. I’d prefer to add some comments to the report, similar to how last year’s reports were done. With those, at least I could have them posted completely within my blog.



    It looks like you can add remarks to the Post, but the report itself is done by WordPress.COM and you can’t add remarks to the report page itself.



    Yes, that’s right. I like how it was done last year. Too bad there isn’t an option to post like that this year.



    Is there anyway to get another email with the report? I deleted mine just thinking that there would be an option to post it on the dashboard somewhere.



    You can’t bring it back nor you can wait for next year. My suggestion is”If you want to see your annual report again have a look in your browser history whether the link is there or not. If you see the annual report of your blog once again try this.http://jessecolton.wordpress.com/2011/annual-report/

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