Fullscreen editor: save function?

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    I’m using the fullscreen mode of the visual text editor, which is generally great, I think. However, it does have one glaring omission: you can’t seem to save your post from there. (Yes, I know that drafts are being saved, but I have no control over that.)

    As things stand, if I want to save my work, I have to leave fullscreen mode, then use the mouse to click the “save” button. Is it possible to add (and document) a keyboard shortcut for “save document”? Basically, if you’re doing a lot of typing, it helps to keep your hands on the keyboard at all times…

    Oh, and if anyone wants to tell me “you’re doing it wrong” – just don’t, eh? I’m using wp.com to write fiction on pages, not blog posts that go straight from “draft” to “published”. I’m already annoyed that pages now go straight to “published” as soon as I hit “save”, as reported by someone else already. This happens even if I explicitly change a page status to “unpublished”, then hit “save” (NOT “publish”).
    As a workaround I’m using the “private” page setting while the writing is underway.

    – brian t

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