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    Hi, I wanna make fullscreen, responsive wordpress website but i have no clue how and where to start. I want the homepage to be fullscreen, where there are no scroll bars just everything on one page. other pages would be similar with picture sliders.
    It needs to be responsive so it can be viewed right on any monitor.
    How can i do this in wordpress?
    I want to create irregular buttons with a design i have in mind, can i make these buttons and embed them in wordpress, if so how?

    Heres an example of a site that is fullscreen, responsive and the menu is irregular kinda like what i wanna do http://themeforest.net/item/slash-wp/full_screen_preview/701905?ref=takeaction


    You’d really want to go self-hosted for anything like that.



    what do you mean by self-hosted as in flash or dreamweaver? i know nothing so sorry about my noobness



    Hi dunne08, Self-hosted means that you don’t make a website on WordPress.com, instead you find a hosting company (like Blue Host) and download the WordPress core from WordPress.org and upload it to your server and have complete control over all the code. You have to know what you’re doing though.



    Or you’d have to have a good budget. WordPress consultants charge $50 an hour up.



    dunne08, You can make a responsive website here on WordPress.com but you won’t have as much control over the look of the buttons, etc. unless you pay for the custom design package and know css really well. But there are over 50 themes here on WordPress.com that are responsive. Check out the 2012 theme and resize the screen. You’ll see that when you get down to mobile size screen that the menu changes to a drop down. All images also resize according to viewport size. Is that what you want? Check out the WordPress.com blog and search for responsive. That might help.

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